Big Robots is the management software specifically design for home improvement companies. It helps you to manage the business aspect of your home improvement business. Big Robots include the following:

Home improvement estimating software


It provides fast and accurate estimates for remodeling and home improvements. There are more than 2000 unit costs that cover residential and commercial construction. You can get quantities for all phases of construction easily. This can be used for projects of any size.

Home improvement accounting software


This helps you to track expenses and income. This lets you know how well you are doing on your project. It manages job costing, check writing, expense tracking, project billing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, etc.

Home improvement schedules


This automatically calculates a time schedule for each project. Using this software you can tell your clients how long it will take to calculate the project.

Home improvement contracts


This lets you turn your estimate into a detailed spec sheet. You can use the specs as your scope of work for your home improvement projects.

Home improvement project management


This helps to manage your projects including your appointments, change orders, allowances, etc. You can set up ‘check list’ at different project milestones.

Business Management Tools


This lets you create a database of customers with address and phone numbers. This will help you with your marketing campaigns.

The full version of this software will cost you $600. This includes free ‘help line’ support for a lifetime. Multiple users can also use the software. In such case you have to pay $2,500. The Big Robots software is a comprehensive solution for your home improvement project.